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Learning how to buy websites and resell at a profit is a fine art!

Many people are making a fortune from investing in virtual property (websites, forums and blogs), today we will share with you the facts on buying websites as a highly profitable investment, and how you can cash in on one of the world’s biggest investment opportunities.

Buying websites for profit is a trend that is red hot right now, there is no doubt that in 3 years time we will all look back and wish we had invested more in web property.

Perhaps you have heard stories of people who buy old houses and then sell them on for huge profits. Well that market dried up a long time ago, so now the action has moved to the Internet.

Despite billions of dollars being traded every year, this market is still very new. So new in fact, that many website owners are not even aware that they could sell their websites.

Imagine that – people who own websites that could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, who do not even realize that their sites are worth selling.

These are perfect conditions to make huge profits, and acting now is key!

Here at Midascode Ltd we have an expert team who specialize in finding great online investments. We have bought and sold many websites, and we would be willing to dedicate a team to help you find the best investments.

But we will come back to that later, for now we would like to share with you the main reasons that investing in websites is the best way to invest your money.

You are probably familiar with investing in high street businesses, stocks and shares, restaurants, fortune 500 companies, etc…. so how is investing in websites any different? And what are the advantages of owning an online business?

There are literally hundreds of factors that make owning a web based business more profitable, less risky, and more fun.

Below are some of the main examples.

» It is a hot new market
There is a lot less competition in the online property market. It won’t stay that way for very long, but the next 12 months are going to be the peak time for investing.

» Residual income every day
Websites make a profit on a daily basis. Compare this to the stock market where you only get a profit once you sell. Personally we don’t like the idea of waiting 20 years for a return on our investment, but with websites you start getting money from day one.

» Invest in something that is fun
Stocks and shares, Nasdaq, Forex Trading, etc…. they all have one thing in common… They are boring! So why not invest in a site related to one of your passions/hobbies? Imagine being paid a fortune for doing something you love.

» Use initial investment to launch an entire empire
Websites are often used to launch other related sites. So you only pay once, but in 12 months time you may have a network of 10+ online properties each of which will be making you money.

» Safe investment
More money is spent online than offline in America, and whilst high street stores have staff problems, theft, fires, floods, being sued, etc… an online investment is now one of the safest ways to invest your money.

» An existing reader base that trust and promote you
Imagine buying a business that has thousands of loyal customers that not only purchase your products, but actively promote your business for free. This is something that happens with millions of online websites.

» Educational investment
If you are not happy with just making loads of money, why not get a free education as well? If you own websites on a topic that you enjoy, you can learn every day from your site and visitors.

» Have thousands of customers ready to hand over their money
Buying an established website means you can reap the rewards of the previous owner.

» Promote your other offline or online sites
Do you currently own any online or offline businesses? Why not use your new investment to get tens of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity to your other interests?

» No staff costs
Electricity, gas, water, rent, property tax… they are all increasing in price every year. Make no mistake about it, owning an offline business is risky, tough and incredibly expensive. Often with a website you only pay $6 per year for the domain name.

» No stocking of products
Most websites do not require you to stock or ship any products. This is more practical and a lot cheaper.

» Increase the value with age (like a fine wine)
A highly satisfied client bought the MidasCode team a bottle of vintage red wine last year, with every day that passes the wine raises in value. This is the same for most websites. Old sites are generally worth more than new ones, so not only will you be making a daily profit, your stock will be rising in value daily as well.

» Make money
We have explained numerous great reasons to invest in online property, but there is one factor that will always be the most important: MONEY.

Money may or may not be the key to happiness, but there is no harm in finding out.

By now you surely can see why investing in websites is the key to making a fortune. But where do you go from here?

If you would like to know more about this opportunity, contact us today at and one of our team will contact you with more information.

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