Sell Your Website

Sell Your Website For The Best Possible Price

Do you own a website, forum or blog? Did you know that you could be sitting on a pot of gold?

Millions of websites are sold every year, and still many site owners don’t know the true value of their websites.

Kevin contacted us after he sold his website for $900, but later discovered that the site was worth at least $5,000

Kevin just threw over $4,000 down the toilet.

He did not realize that we are currently at a peak time for selling websites. Millions of people are looking to purchase websites and online businesses, and at Midascode Ltd we are here to ensure that those people do not make the same mistakes that Kevin made.

If you own a website then read on and we will share with you the techniques required to sell your website, and how we can help you get the maximum price for your website. Once you have read our free tips and advice for selling your website, you can contact us directly and we will help you sell your site for what could be a life changing amount.

What did Kevin do wrong?

If you do some searches on Google you will find that everyone will tell you to sell your site via a forum such as

But before you go and create an account, there are some factors that you need to know that other sites won’t tell you.

Below we have listed the keys to ensuring you do not sell your website for a fraction of its real value.

» Know where to sell your website
Most site sellers will simply use one of the main site selling forums. But certain websites sell best at certain places. Knowing where to sell your website is vital.

» Know your sites value BEFORE listing it
Kevin thought his website was worth $700, so he was very happy when he was offered $900. Knowing your site’s true market value is a complex process, but if you set a value too low you will lose money. If you set it too high you will never get any interest from site buyers.

» Know the information site buyers need to know
There is certain information that every website listing needs to have. If you do not include this information then the site buyers will go elsewhere.

» Prepare detailed stats prior to listing your site
This is especially important for high value websites. People will not pay you until they see detailed stats from your website.

All of these factors are essential to get a good price for your website, but if you have a high value website (over $50,000), then it is best to let a team of experts sell your website for you.

Almost always, websites sold by experts, sell for a lot more than those sold privately.

How much do you think your website is worth? With Midascode Ltd on your team there is high probability that you will get a good deal more!

We have a team of copywriters, marketing experts and site selling experts who are experienced in selling online and offline businesses for up to 7 figure sums.

What does our Service Cost?

We do not have any set prices or commissions for selling websites. Contact us today for an individual quote for your website or Internet Business by emailing us at

Please include details of your website URLs, current revenues, current costs and how long established plus any other Unique Selling Point, you feel your website has.

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